Paragliding on La Palma
La Palma, UNESCO world biosphere reserve and La Isla Bonita in the Atlantic ocean

Paragliding on La Palma can be demanding, not because of strong thermals, but because of possible rapid meteorologic changes. La Palma is therefore not an ideal spot for beginners without Guide. If you want to fly here without school or guide, you have to have beside flying skills also profound meteorological knowledge.

Best time for flying on la Palma is in the winter months from September till April/May. Most of the days we are flying leeside of the mountains. Weather situation can change rapidly. With experience, those changes can be seen in advance. To offer nice flying on this beatuiful island without having to worry about all those local conditions, the paragliding school Palmaclub developed a GuideService for pilots.
Winds might be strong so backward starting technique sometimes is a must. If you have enough experience to fly on your own, still ask the local pilots or in the paragliding school Palmaclub for additional information.

Pilots, with some experience can book the GuideService. Professional weather briefings, transports, consultancy and further education; just a good offer which is fitting all  pilots needs during holidays.

Palmaclub also offers a free of charge leaflet. Download it from the web page or ask in the paragliding school.

Enjoy your stay on this beautiful island and always

Happy Landing!


GuideService from Palmaclub:

Palmaclub, the local and international approved paragliding school in offering a GuideService for licenced pilots during the season which is November to March.
GuideService means also further education. Pilots level need to be at least IPPI Level IV.
During your holiday you can take opportunity of the broad experience of the local instructors, further educate yourself on meteorology and flying techniques. or just enjoy flying.

Palmaclub assures you need not to worry about logistics nor weather changes.

To book our GuideService or to ask further questions, just contact me by mail on: roger(at) or continue surfing on

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